Since its inception in 1995, Titan Capital ID, LLC has originated
and serviced in excess of $3 Billion in real estate bridge loans.

Loan -to-Value

Up to 80%

Interest Rate

As low as 8%

Loan Amounts

$500,000 – $50,000,000


As low as 2%

Lending Terms

Up to 3 Years

Closing Time

As quickly as 24 hours
(based on Borrower)

Lending Area

New York, South Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Major U.S Cities


Interest Only



A loan made for the purchase a specific asset. Acquisition loans are typically used by borrowers as a short term bridge between their initial purchase of an asset and their ability to secure a conventional loan.


A loan used to finance the construction of a new commercial or investment property. The money is advanced incrementally during construction as work progresses. Often times construction loans are closed in conjunction with acquisition loans.

Working Capital

A loan whose purpose is to finance the everyday operations of a company. A working capital loan is not used to buy long term assets or investments. Instead it’s used to clear up accounts payable, wages, etc.


A loan made to purchase or refinance distressed debt held by another lender. For properties currently in foreclosure, these transactions often involve the simultaneous purchase of the underlying debt along with the execution of a forbearance agreement. These loans also facilitate time-sensitive discounted note purchases.


A loan to facilitate the rehabilitation of an existing property. In addition to the funds needed for repairs and related expenses, rehabilitation loans may also be combined with purchase funding.

Partnership Buyouts

A loan which facilitates the purchase and transfer of an equity position from one partner to another.

Debtor in Possession

A loan arranged to a company presently in bankruptcy as a means to continue operations while restructuring other debts. Debtor in possession financing is unique from other financing methods in that it usually has priority over existing debt, equity and other claims.

Judgment Payoffs

A loan whose purpose is to pay off a Judgment lien’s principal and interest in order to prevent a foreclosure on the property.

Bridge Financing

A short term bridge loan which allows the borrower to meet current obligations until permanent financing is secured or the current obligation is met.

Debt Restructuring

A loan to facilitate the restructuring of debt obligations in order to achieve lower interest rates or prevent default.

Second Mortgage

A type of subordinate mortgage made while an original mortgage is still in effect, which is challenging to finance with traditional lenders. These mortgages are made when a property’s fee owner has significant equity remaining despite an existing first mortgage.

Owner Occupied

A loan which allows the borrower to meet any current obligations or to finance an expenditure for his or her company or personal life. The loan is secured by equity in real estate in which the borrower currently operates its business.

Joint Ventures

A business arrangement in which Titan Capital partners with outside investors and/or developers to pool their resources for the purpose of co-investing in a specific asset or investment opportunity.

Other Transactions

Titan Capital has the industry knowledge and financial strength to assess and commit to participating in a variety of real estate transactions outside of the scope of a traditional lender.